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Maia Bielak

Healing Coach & Artist

The Healed Space


For over 20 years I have been a voracious consumer of tools and experiences, looking for ways to reach the potential I've always known I have. Cherie's support has helped me connect the dots of what I already know with the results I now want to create. 

“With her support, I've created monumental shifts in the way I live and work.​ Coaching has led me to my "right" answers in a way very few other approaches have.


I believe that when we find our own awareness and answers, the impact is empowering and lasting, and so much more effective than when it comes from outside of us.  Cherie's approach always leads me to answers that I am surprised to see have been waiting within me with anticipation to be found. I’ve stepped into a new way of experiencing the world and engaging with my mind as a result of her coaching, a new level of skill for visioning, problem-solving and creating self-awareness.​


To anyone considering coaching at all: If Cherie has room on her roster, you will want to be her client. Her approach is absolutely practical magic and you have to experience it to understand it. It will change your... everything... in a way that is totally indescribable!”

Who is Maia?

Maia is an Ojai Valley-based Healing Coach and "Medicine Artist" who incorporates decades of work as an installation artist with work as a healing practitioner to promote health, healing and ecology. You can see examples of Maia's work in various locations across the United States, including her recent installation at Casa Del Barco in Richmond, VA, which features a 450 square-foot hand-painted mural encompassing two stories and 8 different sections/stories.


In addition to her work as an artist, Maia is a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher with advanced training and certifications in narrative and journey medicine with studies spanning 20 + years with elders and teachers from ancient traditions all over the world. Maia received her B.S. in Biology from Ohio University.  

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