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a conscious evolution in pathfinding

About Us

Welcome to Hemispheres Coaching & Advocacy, LLC. Our mission is to help you move in the world and thrive in your mind—in the emerging age of brainsavvy.

With a coaching toolset grounded in neuroplastic inquiry and a 20+ year track record in transformation, we are trusted partners to creators, innovators, and thought leaders all over the world. Why trust us with YOUR success? Because—you were likely sent by one of them! Our practice is 100% referrals.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Funded coaching engagements are sometimes available, including scholarships for certain clients for whom cost might be a barrier to coaching. Learn more about current programs at the link. 

Mercury Crossing

Funded Programs

The Neurobiology of Tears

Public Advocacy

Cognitive, emotional and physical resilience is a human birthright. It's something we can learn to cultivate and sustain if we have a brainsavvy POV on how it actually happens


Navigating modern life puts unprecedented demands on our nervous systems. We're talking more these days about resilience... but not enough about how it's achieved during overwhelm. We have good news for those who are curious: we're built with a superpower for real-time regulation of the nervous system. To use it, we just need some space.

NEW!! Podcast launching in 2024

"These Mighty Forces" is a podcast we're working on to explore the existential forces that all visionaries navigate. Among them, we're examining the complex nature of conscious will — and how we can harness it to move in the world and thrive in our minds.

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William James

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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