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2024 Fellowship Award


in memory of Dan Hoover

The Hoover Fellowship was launched in 2023 in memory of Daniel Hoover, a visionary creator and transformer with a lifelong passion for culture and practice evolutions.  


The fellowship provides supplemental funding for coaching, including one 16-week annual fully funded award to an individual or organization seeking to evolve the culture and practice in their own creative field. 

Link is active each year between Nov 1 and Dec 30. 

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Dan Hoover was a tireless and systematic creator, innovator, transformer, and communicator. He specialized in building bridges among opposing interests – analytical and empathic, logical and intuitive. He had a lifelong fascination with culture and practice evolutions, which led him to contribute design and innovation in various fields, from technology to music; in addition to being a highly esteemed technologist, he was one of the Philadelphia area's best-known and most beloved doghouse bassists. Over the course of his life, he joyfully advanced his learning in the areas of psychology (he held his BA in Psychology from LaSalle University) and transformation; in his 50 years of life he'd earned 25+ professional certifications. 

Dan H.jpeg

He is dearly missed as a client, creator and friend, and it's our honor to promote culture and practice evolution in his memory.

Fellowship Terms and Conditions

Scope of Award & Selection

The Hoover Fellowship provides year-round supplemental funding awards and one annual full-funding award. The fully funded fellowship includes 16 weeks of coaching with our principal coach with the option for 4 additional trauma-informed support sessions with our partner coach.

Culture and Practice Impact Statements

To apply for a fellowship, please plan to share an impact statement that answers the following ten questions:

  1. We know that creativity takes many forms. What's your particular creative field?

  2. How did you come to focus in this particular creative space?

  3. When you reflect on the culture and practices of your field, what would you say works well?
  4. From your personal standpoint, what could be even better?
  5. What's your vision for culture and practice in your field? 
  6. What's the relationship of your vision to best and 'next' practices? 
  7. What would the impact be if your vision for the field succeeded?
  8. What challenges do you expect to encounter?
  9. How would you benefit from an advice-free pathfinding space? 
  10. Why should you be an award recipient?

Application and Eligibility Requirements

  • Submit your completed application, resume and Impact Statement between Nov 1 and Dec 30

  • Be able to demonstrate 10 years minimum practice in your particular creative field 

  • Be at least 18 years of age



  • Fellowships will be awarded at Hemispheres' sole discretion using candidate applications, resumes, impact statements, and eligibility
  • Applications are accepted Nov 1 through Dec 30 of the each year

  • Pro-bono awards are announced Mar 1 of each Award Year and must be claimed by Apr 30

  • All pro-bono sessions must be completed between Apr 30 and Dec 15 of the Award Year

  • Upon completion of the fellowship, Fellows will have the option to promote their vision and work on Hemispheres channels as well as to collaborate with other Fellows at sponsored events.


Marisa Montessori

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and strength,

use it to create."

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