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Jacob Henderson


Founder WL/VK


“​I don't even know where to start describing the intellectual brawn Cherie brings to any professional or creative undertaking.


I had the especial pleasure of collaborating with Cherie on an endeavor that for a long time was too unwieldy for my team to manage on its own. When she joined our project we couldn't even describe the product we were aiming to make: how could we achieve a goal that we couldn't even name? With Cherie's expert guidance, not only did we solidify our immediate mission, we also outlined a way forward that we would have never found were it not for Cherie's sharp and insightful partnership.


I can not overstate the profound value Cherie added to our process. She is able to effortlessly synthesize information from disparate sources to deliver a clear perspective to people who might otherwise have difficulty understanding complex relationships and dependencies. Cherie has an incredible mastery of language, and most importantly a facility toward using language to bring a team together toward a lucid and manageable plan of attack.


I tip my hat to Cherie and what she brought to my project, and enthusiastically recommend that any group that needs an intellectual compass seek her services post-haste."


IN 2009, Jacob founded WLVX, a groundbreaking new touch-interactive video software suite. Building on 20 years of graphics and design expertise he wanted to create and market a video platform that would allow videos to be as interactive as websites. From 2009 through 2013, he used coaching and mentorship to define desired outcomes and success measures, a business-intelligent solution design & architecture, and a development methodology. Outcomes: 

  • In 2014, received The Innovation Zone Award at CE Week. Jacob was an invited guest on Bootstrapping in America.

  • WindowLikr software was soft-launched in 2015 with early adoption by fashion designers as a tool to showcase upcoming collections. It was also used to promote the Providence Town Film Festival. 

  • Today WindowLikr software is known as WL-VX. Its web plugin is used by clients all over the world, from Amazon Music and the New York Times to Coco Chanel and The Children's Place. Check out the Studio.

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