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Certain clients may be eligible for our annual fellowship and/or coaching scholarships to support the visioning, pathfinding, and integrative change they seek.

Hemispheres H00V3R Fellowship

This 16-week coaching fellowship was launched in 2023 in memory of Daniel Hoover, a visionary creative and technologist with a tireless commitment to creative culture and practice evolutions. This fellowship is awarded annually to an individual or organization whose vision seeks to evolve the culture and practice in their chosen creative field.

Mercury Crossing


2024 Fellowship award

Mercury Crossing

in memory of Paul Dome

Integrated Mens Coaching Fund

Paul Dome Memorial Coaching Fund

The Integrated Men's Fund is a memorial scholarship program that celebrates the extraordinary leadership of Paul Dome, a creative visionary whose life exemplified the values of self-inquiry, empathy, and resilience.  This fund recognizes the changing landscape of male identity and roles in society. It exists to remove financial barriers to the vision and well-being that helps male-identifying individuals move with purpose in a rapidly evolving world. 


William James

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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