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let's get BRAINSAVVY


  1. Your brain has needs. With a goal to power the systems that keep you alive, your brain cares most about resources for safety and security. Its neural maps are constantly evolving based on lived experiences, so it trusts these maps more than anything else in the world. That is a game-changing insight if you allow it to inform your pathmaking.

  2. Your mind is a real-time process. You might be surprised to learn that your mind is not your brain—or a place of any kind. Your mind is a process—a self-organizing, emergent, embodied, and relational process—that regulates the flow of information and energy resources. The sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts that filter into and through your mind create the lived experience that your brain uses to build its maps. 

  3. When your mind and brain work together, it generates vitality and insight. When the scope of your mind is wide enough to see your brain's needs in real-time, more energy and information are allowed to flow through your brain's cortex. This creates a felt sense of curiosity, clarity, inspiration, solution, readiness, confidence, peace, belonging, empathy, and compassion—in other words, the vital and neuroplastic experience your brain was built for.

  4. The larger your scope of mind, the better your pathways. Brainsavvy tools help you expand your scope of mind so you can maximize what your brain can offer. They help you access the vision and purpose you need to find vital pathways and creative solutions to your own and others' needs—while helping your brain build more effective maps to rely on.

  5. Brainsavvy is your birthright— and it's time to claim it.  Neuroscience research is advancing at unprecedented speed, offering the tools we need in the nick of time—our nervous systems are facing unprecedented demand. It's time to take stock: we cannot fight, flee, freeze, or collapse our way out of our brains' design. We need more scope of mind (that's why we have two).



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Thomas Edison

"When you think you've exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven't."

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